Custom Inline Notifications & Surveys for SaaS

Howdy is an inline feedback & messaging tool for your entire SaaS company. Understand who your users are, announce new features, and continuously solicit feedback.

PERSONALIZED Use your company’s colors
and your avatar

NO-HASSLE Howdy makes user research
a breeze

DATA-INFORMED Figure out who users are
and what they want

Simple One-way Notifications

Without the Hassle of Chat

Now you can send targeted, custom, one-way notifications without forcing your team to field chat conversations all day.

Easily Customizable

Flexible block-based message builder

Custom tailor how each message looks with any combination of text, survey, form, button, image, and video blocks.

Duplicate Message Prevention

Customers only see messages once

There's zero chance of a customer seeing the same message twice. Message views are tracked both on the front-end and on the server.

Powerful Segmentation

Easily enforce who sees each message

With the use of user properties, you can define exactly which customers should see a message and which customers should not.

Full-screen Media Preview

Videos and images auto-expand

Whenever a customer clicks on an image or a video that you've shared, a full-screen preview is shown automatically.

Popular Integrations Baked In

Sync survey data to other services

Whenever a customer clicks a survey response, you can auto-forward their response to a number of popular services or save their response to a cookie or local storage.

For Your Entire Company

Multiple teams can leverage Howdy

Your marketing, sales, design, customer success, and support teams can all use Howdy to share valuable info and gather data about your customers.

GDPR & Privacy Friendly

Keep your customers data safe

We save customer ID's to our database to prevent duplicate messages from being seen, but user properties used for segmentation never leave the client-side.

Why Howdy



For the foreseeable future, Howdy is:



During the beta, you'll get:

Unlimited Notifications

Unlimited Surveys

Unlimited Responses